Article “Residents furious after riot”

The morning after the riot, in front of the derelict fire station

Lambeth residents revealed their built-up anger over an abandoned fire station after a riot that occurred on Halloween.

The riot happened on the night of 31 October, when the police confronted attendees of an annual Halloween party, ‘Scumoween’. It left local residents sleepless as it became violent over night.

The party took place at an abandoned fire station, owned by the London Fire Brigade. It is not the first time the building has seen illegal occupants – a group of squatters have taken over this place before, infuriating local residents.

A resident of Newport Street says: “I’m so glad the children were not out on the street during the riot. They keep saying for years that the building will be renovated for future use, but it doesn’t seem to be happening at all. We have an art gallery just around the corner and this is meant to be a civilised area.”

The morning after the riot; on Whitgift Street

The annual ‘Scumoween’ festivities saw this building amongst all derelict sites as a prime venue for this year. The party attendee from Surrey says: “It’s more exciting that way – in the past, it has been in abandoned warehouses and factories away from the residential area so that we don’t disturb neighbours. There are abandoned buildings everywhere in London. We are trying to make the most of it.”

“You would call a phone number given by a friend of a friend and an automated voice would tell us the venue. But you’d have to keep calling the number for updated information of venue, because police can track it down.”

It was by chance that the party this year chose this site as their venue. However, the local residents cannot deny the vulnerability of the derelict building in their area, and they are tired of dealing with the trouble caused by the site. The London Fire Brigade refused to comment.

The morning after the riot; on Whitgift Street

Scattered bits of glasses were seen on neighbours’ streets the next morning – bikers carried their bikes instead of riding them, and morning runners took a different route only to find a Mercedes-Benz’s back-window smashed into pieces.

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