Article “Busker ‘almost there’ for an engagement ring”

Londoners and tourists spotted some unusual busking in Trafalgar Square on Sunday November 15.

People walking past could not resist tipping with admiration, since there was a little note on the ground stating “Saving for an engagement ring”.

The busker on Trafalgar Square

The bagpiper, who asked to hide his name for his fiancé, has been playing the traditional Scottish musical instrument for three years, and has been busking for an engagement ring whenever possible in his free time since the end of the summer. He says: “I’ve got my fingers crossed that my girlfriend doesn’t come walking by.” When he was asked whether he was prepared to propose to her once the ring was ready, he replied: “I’m almost there. Fingers crossed that I get there.”

A couple from Portugal, Ramiro Mendes and Sofia Dias, happened to see the bagpiper on their touristy day in London. Ramiro says: “I am also saving up for an engagement ring,” bringing a surprise to Sofia, who was listening to the bagpiper next to him. A passing Londoner, Emma Walker, says: “He is saving up for the right reason. Things are so expensive nowadays so why not? He can get away by the looks of it.”

Jewellery Shops on Hatton Garden see more people struggling to get engagement rings.

Muhammad Cimark from Aneeka Gems London says: “There was a time when people spent £5,000 easily. It’s not happening much at the moment. A customer last week took one year to save up for an engagement ring, and he spent £1,600. So nowadays people do need a long time to save up.” He sees customers coming to Hatton Garden area for cheaper rings. “More people are coming here than to Bond Street – the culture of paying for brand is dropping.”

Jacob Gertner from Hatton Diamonds Jewellers says: “More people are wanting smaller carats on engagement rings; they often ask for a ‘halo’, which are smaller diamonds surrounding the main diamond to make it look bigger.”

People are happy to support the bagpiper and it seems from their reactions they do feel his pain.

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